Elton McTaggart - Drums 1989 - present
Jason Kelly - Vocals  1989 - present
Terry Ebanks - Bass 1989 - 2017

Benno Guitar 1991 - 2000
Biggsy - Guitar 1989 - 2018
Debbie P - Keyboards 1991 - 1997 and 2016-2018

Mark Lunn Guitar 2000 -2000 Spanish tour

David Speake Bass 2018-2018

Steven Scaife Lead Guitar 2019 -present


WOUNDEDSPiRiT are back together after 16 years apart. 

1989 - Formed in West Bromwich, WOUNDEDSPiRiT created a distinctive sound that had Steve Wright of Radio 1 and 2 fame screaming that this band sound like no one else they have a sound all to themselves, with whispering vocals, driving melodic guitars, blushing piano and a backline of bass and drums that would drive all night in the pouring rain to reach its audience. 

The band formed by Jason(Vocals) and Biggsy(Guitar) they where soon followed by Elton(Drums) and Terry(Bass),

1990 - the first ever gig was supporting the Wazzocks at the Prince of Wales in West Bromwich  playing 15-30 min sets as there set grew, original songs included Bring me tears, Lithuania and Outside. The first cover song they played was a cover of U2s I Will Follow.

1991-  saw the band play there first headline gig at George Salter High School where 3 of the band members attended. This would be the catlyst for the band to grow.

1991 - WOUNDEDSPiRiT appear on a compliation album called Local Heroes, the band had 3 songs appear on the Vinyl album Lithuania, Bring me tears and I dont Know. The album gave them there first taste of local press coverage and there music availble for the first time.

Late 1991 the band recruited school friend Benno on guitar, adding more energy and songwriting into the mix the songs gave the band a fresher sound, gigs started to follow up and down the country with a headline gig at the Robey in London and Convent Garden, new demoes recorded gave the band songs that still feel and sound releveant today the Indie anthem 11Months,3weeks,6days and the more guitat driven track Higher.

1992 -Steve Wright on Radio one played 11Months3weeks6days, declaring that this band has a sound all to themselves. More press followed, the band recruited Jasons cousin Debbie onto keyboards

 1995 - WOUNDEDSPiRiT music began to appear on numerous compliation albums before releasing their debut single “Alone Without You” in  which achieved national and international airplay.

2000 - Tour of Spain promoting She Knows

2016 - Reformed for Judgestock concert

2017 - Recorded 11months,3weeks,6days at Cube studios Cornwall, video filmed at the home of West Bromwich Albion.

2018 - Debut album FOREVERyoung released

2019 - Taking Back Contol single released

2019 June 21st Winners Best Album at the BCMAwards 

2020 3rd Jan Outside single released

Sandwell 1991

Sandwell 1991



Spanish Tour 2000

Spanish Tour 2000